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:iconsatanen: was right. World War 3 is coming.
Seriously, this is going too far! I used to be okay with Islam, but after this, they really should get the FUCK OUT OF EUROPE!!! Why the leaders of nations aren't doing anything!? Why don't they try to stop them!? Do they have big bunnies in their pants!?! I really hate to say this, but we need Hitler now.
To all good and peaceful Muslims, I'm sorry if I sound like a racist, but I'm just so pissed off right now. I just can't keep my mouth shut anymore.
  • Mood: Rant


DudesonAndhtf-fan has started a donation pool!
45 / 1,000
PLEASE DONATE POINTS stamp by KawaiiLizziePoints Please Stamp by izka197DONT FAV IT, PLEASE! Donate points .stamp. by raquel-cobi
There are several good artists doing point commissions, but I don't have enough points, so could you PLEASE help me? .3. Even one point helps!

Point commissions:


Sketch: 5 :points: Sketch #43: Tara by DudesonAndhtf-fan
Lineart: 10 :points:
Colored picture without background: 15 :points: Monster adoption :OPEN: by DudesonAndhtf-fan
Colored picture with monochromatic background: 16 :points: Why not? by DudesonAndhtf-fan
Colored picture with a real background: 25 :points: Warming up by DudesonAndhtf-fan
Digital picture without a background: 30 :points:

Mature Content

The Queen Etna getting naughty~ by DudesonAndhtf-fan

Digital picture with monochromatic background: 33 :points:
Digital picture with a real background: 50 :points:
Painting: 50 :points: Sweet night by DudesonAndhtf-fan (I'll do only about 2-3 paintings)

If there's going to be more than one character, add 2 points in the prices. And if you want them to be in chibi style, subtract 2 points.


1. Some animals
2. Your OC's
3. Canon X canon
4. Canon X OC
5. OC X OC
6. Yaoi
7. Yuri
8. Hetero
9. Porn/nude/perverted stuff (but I've limits, then)
10. FNAF /2
11. Creepypasta
12. Silly stuff
13. Violence and gore
14. Anthro and furry

1. MLP FIM (except human and anthro/furry versions)
2. Growing body parts
3. Pacman and the ghostly adventures
4. Don't ask me to draw anything too hard stuff, okay?

If there's anything you want me to draw, but you don't see it on the lists, ask me.


1. If I accept it, be patient. If I don't accept, you can try to ask something else.
2. Send the points AFTER I've submitted the picture.

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Creepypasta OC: Rebecca Fireheart by DudesonAndhtf-fan
Creepypasta OC: Rebecca Fireheart
:bulletred: Nicknames: Becci, Shark Tooth and Demon's Spawn
:bulletred: Age: 19 years
:bulletred: Native country: Australia
:bulletred: Height: 1m 76cm
:bulletred: Species: Cambion (half human, half demon)

:bulletpink: Sexuality: Bisexual
:bulletpink: Relationship status: Taken by Ben Drowned

:bulletpurple: Personality: She usually hides some of her feelings and keeps lots of things in secret. Mostly calm, but gets feisty and aggressive if the sitation needs it, gets annoyed (she gets irritated easily) or when her demon side takes the control. She rarely says if there's something wrong with her. Usually serious, but sometimes really tricky and mischievous, and can be even a bitch. In her demon form, she's more aggressive and violent.
:bulletpurple: Weapons: Her axe
:bulletpurple: Powers: Teleportaling, controlling of fire, shape shifting, turning people into some other creature and flying (only in her demonic form)
:bulletpurple: Likes: Messing with humans she doesn't like, Bombo (her pet dragon), Unicorn's Blood (a drink which is being offered in Shadow Village), calm places, reading
:bulletpurple: Dislikes: Stupid, selfish and unrespectful humans, being called a monster, when peoples try to attack or kill her
:bulletpurple: Strengths: Her powers, half immortality, good at distracting people
:bulletpurple: Weaknesses: She's allergic to silver (it blocks her powers), holy blades, holy water (it works on her like acid on humans), becomes imprudent when she's mad, sometimes she loses the full control of her demon side completely, prayers and Christian crosses distract her powers
:bulletpurple: Theme song:…
:bulletpurple: Voice: Normal form:…
Demonic form:…

:bulletblack: Background: Her father, Ramaza the demon, met a human woman named Angelina, and had crush on her. After asking her out and going out on dates with her (in his human form) they started a serious relationship. Ramaza wanted and kept their relationship in secret from his father, Dolor, whom humans were just either slaves or toys.
However, Dolor found it out and forced him to make her his slave or he'll take her. Ramaza, knowing to be weaker than Dolor and knowing his attitude towards humans, he had to hurt and imprison the woman he loved. But, Angelina turned out to be pregnant with Ramaza's child. However, she died after giving birth on Rebecca. Ramaza raised her as well as a loving father could with the help of his demon friend who had had experience with raising children and kept her in secret from Dolor in the fear of losing her as well.
               Dolor found out about Rebecca when she was 6-year-old. He got really furious about his son having a 'detective' daughter. He got in really bad fight with Ramaza which got so bad that Dolor kidnapped her one night so he could 'fix' her. He made three wounds on her both wrists and put some gooey liquid on her wounds which actually crawling inside of her through the wounds. The changes started happening in her body: her eyes became two-colored and, eyes started bleeding (as a side effect), her skin turned black, her teeth became sharper, horns and wings grew out painfully. After being trapped for a few hours Ramaza managed to rescue her. Even thought he tried really hard, some of the liquid remained in her leaving her eyes and the wounds being unable to be healed. Ramaza was afraid of Dolor would come back after her. Then he remembered this small alternate universe and a small forest called 'The Forest of Darkness' and that there located 'Shadow Village' he had once heard of. He searched and found this little village. He gave her to an old witch doctor named Cornelia. To make the separation easier for both and to make sure Rebecca'll be actually safe, he asked Cornelia to edit her memory so she wouldn't remember him and her real past. The new things in her new memory was her father had gone to a long mission and wouldn't be back for years and she was given to her 'grandmother', Cornelia, to take care of her. Other kids found her odd at first, because they had never seen a child with bleeding eyes. But since there has been living other weird creatures, they accepted her quickly.
               In Darkness Forest, villagers have either one or two unnatural powers, and they start to appear around puberty. The same thing concerned Rebecca as well, but her case was different: she had 4 unnatural powers which is rare in that little village. Since her friends and part of the villagers knew she wasn't originally from Darkness Forest, they just thought that in the world she had came from people have more powers, so they were okay with it. The villagers who didn't know this fact were astonished, but Henry the Werewolf, became jealous about this, because he had always wanted to be the best in the village and he saw this weird girl as a threat. He started bullying her mentally and sometimes physically to try and make her feel lower. However, when this continued for a week, Rebecca eventually snapped and asked irately why the hell he was doing that. As a response, Henry only said 'A weird freak like you should know.' This enraged Rebecca so hard that her chained demonic side got the control of her and unexpectedly, her appearance turned into right similar like her grandfather once turned her, and actually almost literally beat the shit out of Henry. Everybody who saw this were shocked, and after she had turned back to normal and realized what she had done she was shocked as well and escaped deep to the forest. She was later found by Cornelia who had heard about the news. During the she had been lost, Rebecca's mind had been filled by the questions about the incident and herself, like how it could've happened and how she had into something like that. She asked some of these questions, but Cornelia didn't have answers for these. This made Rebecca lost her temper, and yelled that she should know, because she was her own grandchild. At this point, Cornelia realized she couldn't do anything else but tell the thruth. She told her how her father had brought Rebecca to her from a danger from an alternate universe and asked her to edit her memory 7 years ago. This made Rebecca feel lost and betrayed.
               The incident drew attention in the village and both, Cornelia and Rebecca were interrogated by the leader of the forest. After the interrogation the leader was pissed at Cornelia for adopting a child whom real past and species were unknown and the girl herself probably was dangerous. He told her to train Rebecca to control herself and her dangerous side or otherwise she must have been kept isolated from the other people. Cornelia did what she was told to do and managed to teach Rebecca to control her specific powers.
               The questions about her real past and herself, especially what is she, kept haunting Rebecca's mind which made her feeling very distressed. When she was 15 years, she decided to go and search for Ramaza because she knew nobody in Darkness Forest couldn't give her answers. Cornelia tried to make her stay and talk sense to her, but she didn't listen and left.
Since she didn't know which alternate universe he was in, she decided to start with our universe. When she arrived she couldn't believe her eyes because everything what is normal for us ( for an example computer, phone, etc.) was new for her because the universe of Darkness Forest was like a mix of Middle Ages and Renaissance. Since people knew each others pretty well back at Shadow Village, she thought people in this universe knew each others as well and started to ask people if they knew anything about Ramaza. Instead of getting answers she got frightened looks and people running away from her in fear. She didn't know at first why were they scared of her, it made her feel frustrated, but what she started to understand, the eyes were the ones which made people freak out, so she tried to cover them somehow. But it was too late. People had already reported about her to police, and the searches started. Since she managed to escape from the cops with her powers, she got a military after her. Escaping from them wasn't so easy like from the cops. However, she still manages to distract them with the shape shifting and teleportaling powers. Right when she was about to escape from this force which was chasing her right then she heard one of the soldiers yelling: Keep your eyes open! The monster bitch is somewhere near by!!'
Hearing this made Rebecca furious, and instead of running away, she turned back to her normal form from animal, stepped right in front of the force and said: 'What is wrong with you? I've only wanted help to find my father. But instead of helping some of you people have been running away from me like I would be a dangerous disease! And you are chasing me like I would be a quarry and now you're even calling me a monster! Just because of how I look like! Do you even know what is the real monster!?! LET ME SHOW YOU!!!'
               After this she gave the full control to her demonic side and killed almost every one of the force.
               She's still wandering around the world and trying to look for her father. If you ever meet her, keep calm. If she asks you something, be honest. Whatever you do, don't run away from her or call her names, because she'll otherwise give you eternal injuries. NEVER call her a monster because the last words you'll ever hear then are 'I'll show you the real monster.'

:bulletblack: Facts/good to know:
* She's able to stretch her mouth unnaturally wide (but rarely does that because it hurts her jaw).
* She's a bit ashamed of her eyes, so she keeps them rather hidden underneath her forelock.
* She has actually a power of healing other people, but she doesn't know it. Besides, it's defective: the damages on the person will move into her. For an example, if you have a huge wound on your stomach and she heals you, the wound will move to her body right in the same spot
* None of the villagers had never heard of demons because there weren't existing any except Rebecca, so nobody actually didn't know what was she. Not even Becci herself. They just had thought she was suffering some sort of disease because of her eyes and the wounds
* When she has lost the full control of herself, her eyes start glow as a mix of red and orange
* She never attacks at children under 16 years
* She can be killed by stronger demons and stronger creatures ( for an example :iconxanness:'s created Inferas. Those bitches eat demons). Human and animal species are probably the only species that can't kill her without specific weapons (holy blades, for an example)
* Her shape shifting and ability to turn someone into something is limited: she can turn herself or someone else into a creature which is a size of an adult bear

Answers for the possible questions:

Why Ramaza wanted her memory to be edited?
He was afraid of Dolor would start to stalk him and that that way to figure out where Rebecca was being hidden if he would have sometimes visited her

How did she got Bombo?
Back when Rebecca was 9-year-old, she was playing with her friends near by a high cliff. During the game they were playing she fell off the cliff and before she hit the ground Bombo saved her. This human friendly, dog-like dragon became fond of her, and followed her to her home.

Why she hasn't bled out?
The black liquid what she still has inside her body is keeping her alive.

What do you mean with her being half immortal?
Due to her being half human, she doesn't live forever like his father and grandfather can. But, however, what I have studied about demons and half demons, she could live longer than humans, from a couple thousands of years to even ten thousands of years. I'm sorry if this makes her sound too powerful, but this is a fact I've found.

She seems to be even more powerful than Zalgo.
Yeah, SEEMS. Even though she sounds like, she would never be able to beat him in a fight. Most of her powers wouldn't even affect to him at all. And let's not forget the fact there are many different versions of Zalgo. Some versions he isn't that strong, but in some other versions he could destroy a whole galaxy (I've seen one).


DudesonAndhtf-fan's Profile Picture
Hello everybody. I'm a girl from Finland Stamp by l8

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Just want to say:

I Suck at Drawing Backgrounds by MelissaDaltonVampire Stamp by AnnaethGreenleafOffensive stamp by NOKAPIplzI Have A Dirty Mind by parliamentFunkOC stamp by SuyyPromarker Stamp by uiopuiopLate Night Love by Rainbow-Reverse Devil Inside Stamp by peterdawes Love Me Some of that Bacon by endler'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-StampsNo Excuse by savagebinn:icondirtymindstamp1::icondirtymindstamp2:Tumblr Stamp by FelisTipsyBAD GIRL stamp by DeviantSithI Love My OCs Stamp by FireFoxOmicron[STAMP] Freedom by PocketChocolateSTAMP: Creepypasta OC Support Stamp by InvaderIka:thumb341422905:OC comparison stamp by lientohug me stamp by ThiefoworldStamp: I wish my OC was here by PyroKeyStamp: our characters deserve A CHANCE! by Jeshika-HarunoCanonxOC Stamp by DragaraOC x Canon stamp by ARTic-WeatherChick Pervert Stamp by EvetsuHunting by paramoreSUCKSWhy can't they? by AnimalLover670Porn is Art by AtheosEmanonStop Judging us by OurHandOfSorrowMorals are subjective. by OurHandOfSorrow

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If you ask a request and I promise to do it, you have to be patient. So don't come over to ask "Have you started my request?" "When will you start it?" "Are you gonna update your To Do List?" etc... It's fucking annoying!! I'll do it when I do it!!!
More about requests.... I make only 4 requests per person. (People in my friend list get more. If you don't find your name from there, sorry.)

To do list:

:bulletred: Not started
:bulletblue: Started
:bulletorange: Almost ready
:bulletgreen: Ready

(c) = comic
(p) = picture
(rs) = reference sheet
(rq)= request
(at)= art trade
(pc)= point comission
(g)= gift
(s)= story

Romantic dinner :bulletred: (p)
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Oh, Havoc~ :bulletred: (rq)

Reference sheets:

Sam the Zombie :bulletred:
Cornelia :bulletred:
Amalia Eagle-Eye :bulletred:
Henry :bulletred:
Amrit :bulletred:
Akihira Blackblood :bulletred:
Frederick :bulletred:
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